Advice To Upcoming Producers From Producers

Seanonthebeat , RTJ , DeeBanks and The Real DC Official gives us a few tips to share to upcoming producers. Coming up the game is not easy and staying in the game is no walk in the park either here are some tips that can get you to the finish line faster.

credits: Joey Trap| Cdot Honcho | Thood | Lil Uzi Vert …

1. Top spamming (Seanondabeat)

“If you network the right way people the business will flock “

2. Pay attention to your craft and your time

RTJ @Pbyrtj Credits : Rod Wave | YFN Lucci | Lil Donald…


3. Don’t be quick to sign anything

get (RTG)

Be Sure To have a manager when having big meetings It may save you business wise.

4. Invest In yourself

Don’t expect someone to pay you if you cant pay your craft. Always advance your tools and keep up. Also have enough money to hire a lawyer.

5. Believe in yourself (Dee Banks)

Don’t expect someone to believe in you if you don’t believe in you

6. Stop stealing (DC)

Don’t dirty your face it just gives you a bad rep
Dee Banks @banksresidents
YFDJkash | TGO

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