What is an A&R?

A&R stands for artist and repertoire. Repertoire stands for A stock of plays, putting the pieces together; they can also be known as the supplier. An A&R is responsible for finding talent for the record label doing advertisements, promotions, and overseeing the artist recording process. A&Rs have to make sure that they connect artists with the right producers and offer their creative input. They work closely with the label’s business affairs Department While working closely with artists acting as the liaison for the label and the artist.

Putting the artist first

An A&R has to put the artist first. Their responsible for the artist’s motivation, creative focus, and more. An A&R works very closely with some of the most iconic superstars of today, such as Beyonce Nicki Minaj Drake Chris Brown and more. Each of these artists has someone there with them throughout their creative process to bring their artistry to life. This process includes understanding an artist and knowing the artist through their strengths and weaknesses. When talking to an artist, the first thing an A&R needs to understand is the artist’s point of view because they are part of the foundation of the artist’s career. 


Sometimes people can get marketing and promotions mixed up. Some people believe that they are the same thing; however, they are both very different. Marketing is your overall strategy when an A&R presents a new artist to labels. This is one of the first steps that A&Rs take. They have to come up with a concept to show why they are making the right choice on bringing new artists on to the label. They then have to show the work that the artist has already put in down-to their sound, their look, and also personality. This action is called the Selling concept. But all of this comes with the overall process of the A&R creative development of the artist. 


Promotion involves executing the selling points to fulfill their strategy. To Market a plan, an A&R has to think about these promotions strategies: Sales projection, public relations, and advertising such as radio or TV. When an A&R comes up with promotional methods to get people looking at an artist, social media is one of the many effective strategies in a marketing plan. When trying to distribute artists’ content and music, making sure the project does well enough to return the label’s investment is vital. Artists also play a significant role in promotions, especially when it comes to connecting with fans. This is all a part of the brand development and selling process of an artist’s music. Promotion is One of the most critical parts of an A&R. Knowing the artist’s target audience is essential for influence on a group of people.

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