Cash App Wants to Fund Your Next Album

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It can be very difficult for an artist to find any funding for their albums. These days, everything from writing songs, acquiring equipment, renting a studio and recording an album can add up and become very costly. In many situations, talented artists find these costs prohibitive and they can’t launch the music they worked so hard to create. But now a new benefactor is on the road, and that’s where Cash App comes into play.

Cash App has stated that starting today, they are launch Cash App Studios, a system made specifically to support artists of all ages. They also want to work with any creative, so along with musicians, they will also help other artists, designers, directors and many others.

Until now, Cash App has not disclosed any specific payment instructions, but they are willing to assist many artists, as much as possible. However, if Cash App will fund your work, they are the ones that retain ownership over it. You don’t have to pay back the cash you received. It’s similar to a grant, however the fact that Cash App retains the ownership might not be very appealing. Yet it can help you get started, and that is a huge plus.

On top of that, the program will start helping artists a few at a time, and it remains invite-only. That being said, they are already working with Victoria Monet, which already helped Ariana Grande and many others. Some of the other people that already work with Cash App include Tyrese pope, Jacquie Lee, Cristoforo Donadi and others. 

The Cash App program is very appealing to people that want to fund their creative projects as an artist. It’s very hard to receive funding these days, even if you have a lot of talent. Cash App manages to do that very nicely, and it helps provide the financial independence that a lot of people were already looking for. With that in mind, Square which is the parent company of Cash App already bought a majority stake in the Tidal service. 

Having a company that offers support to others in the music world is very interesting, and it certainly adds its fair share of upsides. With Cash App, you can finally gain all the funds you need to get your feet off the ground and make a name for yourself as an artist. Yes, the program is not available for everyone, but it will expand as more and more people achieve success with it. That means it’s a great opportunity for artists to kickstart their career soon!

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