Colt Blumenthal, Audio Engineer Behind Billboard #1 Hits, Gives Advice to upcoming Engineers

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Audio engineers play a crucial role in shaping the sonic landscape of a song or album—Colt Blumenthal, whose extensive experience and impressive portfolio have earned him praise and success. With credits on Billboard #1 hits and multi-platinum certified records, Colt’s expertise and Advice are highly sought after by aspiring engineers.

Colt Blumenthal’s Advice to aspiring audio engineers is rooted in his own experience of being thrown into the deep end. He emphasizes that while formal education and theoretical knowledge are essential, the true mastery of audio engineering can only be achieved through hands-on experience. Colt believes that getting “thrown into the fire” and facing challenging situations head-on is the most effective way to learn and grow in this field.

It is through the process of being “fed to the wolves” that engineers gain the necessary skills and confidence to excel. Impressive Credits and Collaborations.
Colt Blumenthal’s work speaks for itself. With an Assistant Mixing Credit on Juice WRLD’s highly acclaimed album “Legends Never Die” for the song “Man of The Year,” Colt has proven his ability to contribute to chart-topping hits. Furthermore, his involvement with renowned artists and producers such as Skrillex, Rick Rubin, The Weeknd, Lil Uzi Vert, and Justin Bieber showcases his versatility and talent as an engineer.

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