What is an A&R ?

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“A&R” stands for artist and repertoire. Repertoire stands for A stock of plays, dances, or pieces
that a company or performer Knows and is prepared to perform. The A&R is responsible for
finding talent for a record label doing advertisements and promotions and overseeing the artist
recording process. These critical members behind the artist will connect artists with the right
producers and offer their creative input. Additionally, these individuals work closely with the
label’s business affairs department while working with the artists, acting as the liaison between
the label and the artist. From motivation and creative focus to endorsement deals, these
creative souls helped many of the artists known today.
When an A&R introduces a new artist to a Record label, they develop a concept to show the
selected artist’s potential. Then, the A&R presents the artist’s catalog, style, and personality, the
“selling concept.”
Promotion involves executing the selling points to fulfill their strategy. Therefore, an A&R must
consider promotion strategies such as sales projection, public relations, and advertising to
Market a plan.
How much does an A&R make?
As of February 2023, Zipline Recruiter reported that the average annual pay for an A&R could
be around $50,000 a year.
The industry grew over the years as new software entered the mix. As a result, an A&R’s task
has slowly changed over the years; however, their contributions will always be an essential
factor in an artist’s success.

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